Money Affirmations That Will Help You Attract More Wealth into Your Life

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Have you ever wondered why successful people consistently attract money, while poor people consistantly struggle with money?

Why is that?

If you’ve found yourself struggling with money in the past, getting stuck with only making a certain amount of money, or increasing your wealth, it could be that you’re suffering from a poverty or scarcity mindset.

Mindset is such an important aspect in many areas of achieving success.

Ever tried to lose weight and then gained it back again? Or maybe you know of someone who is always jumping from one diet to the next.

This is also likely due to a fixed mindset which is the exact same reason we have issues with money.

It’s all about mindset.

Once you recognize that you’re stuck in a fixed mindset about making money, the next step is for you to start asking questions to uncover some limiting beliefs.

Maybe you’ve made some money in the past and someone took advantage of you.

You might have been really hurt by how that person took advantage of you and your money so you told yourself that whenever you make a lot of money, someone will take advantage of you.

Holding this in your thoughts will start to impress into your subconscious which will soon turn into a limiting belief that becomes very hard to change in the future.

Until you recognise which limiting belief you hold about money, changing that belief will be quite a challenge.

Not all is lost though.

Affirmations could be the answer to helping you change the way you think about money.

Affirmations are extremely powerful and if you use any of the affirmations below on a daily basis, you’ll start to truely believe that money is no issue for you to manifest your dream life.

Coming into money will become easy for you and you will even start to make wise decisions with saving and investing money so that you pose less risk of getting rid of the hard-earned money you have made.

The next time you feel a panick that you lack money or fall into some debt that would usually cause a lot of worry, instead of telling yourself “I can’t afford this”, you’ll start to ask yourself questions like “How can I afford” or “Where could I look to make some extra money to pay for this”.

You move away from worry and fear and move towards taking responsibility, giving you all the power you need to make a change.

Attract More Wealth With These Affirmations About Money

Here are 34 of the best money affirmations that I could find. I have personally used some of these myself which has had a massive effect on my mindset and relationship with money.

I’m confident that they will play a massive role in helping you attract more money, adopt an abundant mindset and live a more prosperous life.

I am at peace with having a lot of money.

Prosperity is drawn to me.

I am open to receive wealth in many ways.

I only think thoughts of wealth and abundance.

learn to manifest

I am able to handle large sums of money.

My wealth shines from within me.

I radiate wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Money creates positive impact in my life.

I’m financially abundant, and money comes to me naturally.

My finances improve beyond my dreams.

My actions create constant wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

I constantly attract opportunities that create more money.

Wealth is pouring into my life.

I have a wealth mindset.

I am grateful for everything that I receive.

Money expands my life’s opportunities and experiences.

Wealth flows to me from all directions.

Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

I am the wealthiest I have ever been.

I embrace new avenues of income.

I am the master of my wealth.

I always have more than enough money.

Money comes to me in miraculous ways.

Wealth constantly flows into my life.

I am worthy of making more money.

I feel marvelous as a rich person.

I create an avalanche of financial abundance, and I give back in amazing ways.

Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony.

My wallet and bank balance is overflowing with money.

I love my positive, happy, abundant life.

I am deserving of abundance in my life.

Everyday I am becoming richer and richer.

I use money to better my life and the lives of others.

The more I give, the more I receive. The more I receive, the more I give.

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