6 Key Insights to Attracting Money [Dollars Flow To Me Easily Review]

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A mentor of mine recently recommended this book.

It’s titled “Dollars flow to me easily”, written by Richard Dotts.

I absolutely loved this book and since reading it, I have purchased many of Dotts other books.

If you like the writings of Florence Scovel Shinn, then you will love books by Richard Dotts.

Here, I want to share some lessons I have learned from the book I believe you will find extremely valuable.

I’m sure after reading these insights into Dotts’ work, you will want a copy of the book yourself.

Dollars Flow To Me Easily

You can grab a copy here and look at the many others he offers.

I hope you enjoy.

Dollars Flow To Me Easily by Richard Dotts [Book Review]

1. Change Is Only Hard Because We Think It Is

The author starts out by explaining an important concept that we need to get our heads around.

The concept is about allowing change to happen effortlessly.

He uses an example from his own life where he made a daily exercise habit stick within a few days and compares this to his struggle of achieving financial freedom.

He struggled with his urge to overspend and then conflicting feelings of worry, blame, worthiness and guilt.

“Why could my friends handle a budget well while I could not? Why can other people stop worrying about money, but not me?”, he writes.

Whatever your goals or desires are, if they seem out of reach or restrict us, it can be hard for us to achieve them.

But does this mean it’s hard to achieve something because it is or hard because we perceive it to be?

This is exactly what this idea is trying to make us realise.

The concept reminds me of lowering importance from Reality Transurfing.

When we perceive something with a level of importance, we lower our importance, which makes it harder for us to create it in our reality.

If something we want to create appears only possible for someone with a higher level of importance than ourselves, then we’re setting the bar too high.

And if something seems hard to achieve, it’s because we’re putting it on a pedestal and saying I’m not good enough for this yet.

It’s then no wonder our goal or desire becomes hard, because we’re not working from a place of it being easy to achieve.

If we were working within a reality where it’s easy to achieve the desired outcome, then it would never be a problem in the first place.

We would believe that life is easy.

As Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

And achieving goals is mastering the problems we face on the way to achieving them.

For example, if Elon Musk wants to start a new project, it’s typically not something easy to achieve, yet he does it anyway.

And then when we try to achieve something Elon Musk could achieve with his eyes closed, we curl up and recoil with self-doubt and fear it won’t work.

I believe the key is to think of our goals as if they were easy to achieve by lowering their importance.

And if that doesn’t work, we can imagine how someone we admire might go about achieving the same goal.

2. You Are Where Your Focus Is

Chapter three literally snapped me out of something I’ve done my entire life, which was putting my focus on the wrong thing.

I have a very idealistic mind and for as long as I can remember, I mostly focus my thoughts on my ideal future reality.

This is partly a good thing; to work towards a vision is essential for creating the life you want and it will motivate you to the end.

But for me, this often resulted in me fixating on where I currently was, which was not the reality I wanted to be in.

Hence focusing on the wrong thing.

An easy oversight like this cost me over 10 years of mistreating the life I wanted and manifested my undesired reality…

Working on too many ideas and not committing myself to start a personal developement blog.

I would allow my emotions and inner state of being to get in my way, instead of feeling grateful for what I already had.

And if your energy is coming from a place of lack like mine was, then lack is what you’ll experience, even if you get what you want.

Notice that I said lack was what I manifested, because that’s what I was focusing on.

This is what the author is trying to help us realise. That it’s all about how we feel right now most of the time.

As long as we’re resinating at the same frequency of abundance then money will flow to us easily.

3. Our Problems Aren’t the Main Problem

This concept expands on the last one whereby we end up creating more of what we don’t want when we focus on our problems and the feelings they bring.

“Our continued fixation on a perceived problem perpetuates the problem, long after the original cause is gone.”

Richard Dotts

The author explains that it is our perception of such problems that is the key problem, as oppose to the problems themselves.

It was Epictetus who said, “People are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them.”

If someone has a goal to become wealthy, this implies they will need to start from a place where they aren’t wealthy, but they can do it without thinking this is a problem.

There have probably been thousands of people in the world who have gone from rags to riches, but they wouldn’t have made it by focusing on lack and other negative feelings.

It’s likely that they would have approached any challenges around lacking money from the perspective of someone who has money or can make money easily, which gets them in the right vibration to attract more of it.

4. Believing You Can Isn’t As Powerful As This

In chapter five of the book, the author talks about the idea that nothing we desire is ever out of our league.

He explains that when you set an intention to achieve big things in life; you do not have to believe in them for your to manifest your dream life.

The reason people struggle to manifest what they want is due to where they put their focus.

When we dream big, it’s easy to think we’re undeserving of such goals. We look at our life, our family and our friends and see evidence of these things lacking.

And then that focus puts us in a state of worry and disappointment. We believe that the life we dream of is out of our league and project a level of superiority on the accomplishment.

So it’s not our lack of belief that prevents our manifestations, but the way our lack of belief makes us feel.

What you must do instead is let go of the negative emotions associated around not having what you want in your current situation.

We have to stop looking at what we don’t have and start focusing on the emotions we would experience if we already had the life we want.

5. You Are Already Abundant

This is one of my favourite chapters, which goes into a very interesting concept.

The concept is this; You already have all the money you’ll ever need. You are already wealthy and abundant, and there is no need to ask for something you have an unlimited supply of.

The author mentions a recurring theme within the book that paints a picture in your mind explaining that you are standing in a field of flowers, yet you don’t see it.

He raises the fact that the way we see our current situation is through the eyes of our limited perception. We see what we don’t have, which projects in our mind what we would like to have. Then we ask for what we want from the perspective of lacking it.

We’re missing the field of flowers that we’re standing in.

This is such a beautiful analogy where we forget about the wonderful things we already have in life and take those things for granted.

It’s in our nature to want to grow and evolve, so we’re always asking for more and hoping the universe will respond.

Yet the universe responds to our every wish as long as we hold the matching vibration for a long enough period.

When we take a moment to stop and look inside, we will notice all the goodness and peacefulness of our spiritual nature.

It is then that you’ll recognise you already have everything you’ll ever need.

6. There’s No Need to Ask as the Universe Knows What You Want

Chapter seven talks about an idea whereby the Universe Records everything like a Universal Secretary.

The author refers back to a previous statement where he mentions the universe is picking up our every desire, no matter how big or small.

The universe is listening to your every word. This reminds me of the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn, where she exclaims “Owing to the vibratory power of words, whatever man voices, he begins to attract.”

Dotts elaborates that we need not make conscious intentions every time we express a desire.

The universe records everything. The issue that we’re unaware of is that the universe can’t tell the difference between our positive words and negative words.

What we end up getting in life is a match to our vibration or our inner state.

If the words we express trigger a feeling of abundance, then abundance is what we’ll experience.

But if we choose words that follow feelings of worry or lack, then that is what we’ll receive more of.

This is great news because it means we need not feel negative, even if we express negative words or thoughts.

If we can catch ourselves saying the words that make us feel bad, we can choose other words or meaning that make us feel better.


This is one of the best law of attraction books on manifesting money and abundance.

I continue to go back to it many times as the wisdom inside is very profound, yet really simple.

There is so much more to take from this book than what I have shared here, so I highly recommend adding it to your collection.

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