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If you want to quit your job and become an entrepreneur or simply achieve more in life, then this is the place for you.

Maybe you’ve struggled in the past.

  • With bad habits
  • Self-sabotage
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Procrastination or perfectionism
  • Or fear of failure

No matter how challenging things have been, success is within your reach, you can have it all, and you do deserve it.

Here’s the deal:

You either take your destiny into your own hands or you help create someone else’s destiny.

Do you want to work a 9-5, week in and week out, in a job you hate, for 30 years or more?

Or do you want to learn the skills and daily habits to become the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed to be?

But, let’s address the elephant in the room…

You aren’t cut out for going live on social media or posting silly TikTok videos, creating video sales letters, or doing coaching calls on Zoom.

And you definitely don’t want to speak on stage!

The loud gurus will have you believe this is the only way to reach financial success… sell, sell, sell, put yourself out there, and hustle like crazy.

But they all have one thing in common… They’re extroverts!

Or they simply haven’t experienced enough adversity in life where avoiding people is the norm.

You’re different.

You’re introverted or just plain shy?

Or you’re socially anxious or just socially awkward?

Maybe you’re sensitive around large crowds, or prefer to observe than be the center of attention.

Or maybe you just appreciate a quiet life. Reflect on your inner world of thoughts and ideas, and dream of turning them into reality.

Whatever it is, your creative side wants to be expressed and you crave some kind of progress in life.

You want a personal transformation and to discover what your purpose is.

Then welcome, because this is what Grand Habit is all about.

I’m glad you’re here!

About Steve Allen

Certified mindset coach and content marketing expert.

Steve Allen

I have failed at business more times than I can remember.

Why, you might ask?

  • Was it because my ideas were terrible?
  • Was it down to a lack of customers?
  • Or was it due to the economy?


The reason was fear.

Maybe you can relate with with some of these?

I had a fear of failure, success, judgment from others, ridicule, and fear that I might upset my audience.

In a nutshell, I had a lot of limiting beliefs about myself.

Really, it had nothing to do with a fearful outcome I was imagining, and everything to do with the way I saw myself.

My lack in confidence, introversion, and sensitive nature kept me stuck in procrastination, overthinking with social anxiety.

What started out as frustrastion, ended in a spiraling depression and unhealthy habits around food, sugar, alcohol, social media, and money.

I needed help.

Finally, at the age of 32, I picked up and read my first self-help book.

I had always struggled to comprehend and retain what I was reading. By the time I had read a paragraph, I had completely forgotten everything.

To complete this first book, I had to find software to read it to me, because back then, I hadn’t realised audiobooks existed.

I would copy the text from the kindle book into the software so that I could understand the material.

Once I was done, I was hooked.

Books and courses were a way for me to understand myself and learn the skills I needed to succeed in business.

That was back in 2016 and I can honestly say that personal development has saved my life.

The astonishing thing about all of this is that I still haven’t “made it” in the business world.

But what has changed is how I see myself.

Now I see myself as an entrepreneur.

The path of entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but it is what I was born to do.

“It is my mission with this blog to help you unlearn the habits that keep you stuck in the rat race, and develop the habits, mindset, and skills to become a successful entrepreneur.”

Steve Allen, Founder of Grand Habit