11 Best Personal Development Courses to Transform Your Life

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You want to be the best version of yourself, right?

The question is:

How do you get there?

This is a question so many people ask, yet the answer seems to elude the best of us.

This is where personal development courses can help you get the answers you seek and transform your life.

In this article, I’m reviewing the best personal development courses for more happiness, confidence, and increased productivity.

Let’s dive in.

11 Personal Development Courses That Will Drastically Transform Your Life

The topics you will lean in these courses were never taught to us in school, but they should have been.

If ever there were a manual for life, it would include these life lessons available on this page.

1. Super Reading by Jim Kwik

Personal development program to read faster

Area of Growth: Read and learn faster

If you’re into personal development courses, then you’re probably into personal development books.

And what better skill to learn for personal growth than learning how to read faster and retain information.

Even when you take an online course, there’s often a lot of reading to do, and this course will help you absord the material at record speed.

But, it’s not just about reading faster. In Super Reading, you’ll learn skills to maximize your learning potential.

You’ll discover how to use neurostimulation techniques to take information in like a sponge and retain what you learn with ease.

Super Reader is available on Mindvalley, so you’ll get access to every course when you join.

If you’re not convinced, you can get a free Masterclass of what a Mindvalley membership has to offer.

2. Neuroplasticity: How To Rewire Your Brain by Gregory Caremans

Best personal development courses to rewire your brain

Area of Growth: Reprogramming the mind, breaking habits

As you know, personal development is all about changing yourself on the inside.

And it’s thanks to neuroplasticity that we’re able to make deep changes to the way we think and see ourselves.

In this Neuroplasticity course, Gregory Caremans teaches you the fundamentals of how the brain works and how to rewrite it.

You’ll learn tons of brain based exercises to develop cognitive flexibility and fully understand the neuroscience of habits.

If you want to learn how to change your habits, this course will teach you how.

Moreover, there’s a section on how to overcome procrastination and even lessons on how to change past memories.

Neuroplasticity: How To Rewire Your Brain is available on Udemy and has more than 110,000 enrolled student.

3. Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer

Personal development training for self-esteem

Area of Growth: Self-esteem, overcoming fear

This course helped me build the confidence to start a personal development blog, something I had wanted to do for years.

The biggest struggle I was facing is overthinking every last detail and planning to the point of analysis paralysis.

If you battle with self-defeating beliefs, low self-esteen, or feeling a lot of resistence in life, then this course will be extremely helpful.

Uncompromised Life is taught by Marisa Peer, a world famous hypnotherapist who has worked with Hollywood actors and members of the royal family.

Marisa explains how we can empower ourselves by changing the way we speak to ourselves.

There are also hypnosis audios that will transform your self-image on deep level.

You’ll also learn 8 mindset shifts and habits that the most successful people live by.

If you know there’s something holding you back, then this course is for you.

It will awaken the super achiever inside you and enable you to give yourself the permission to go after the life you want.

You can read my full Uncompromised Life review for more details.

4. Growth Mindset: The Key to Confidence, Impact & Fulfillment by Diane Flynn

Self development courses to develope a growth mindset

Area of Growth: Mindset, confidence, success

Your mindset determines whether you succeed or fail. It is essential to adopt a growth mindset if you want to achieve anything in life.

This course will help you develop one.

Growth Mindset: The Key to Confidence, Impact & Fulfillment by Diane Flynn will give you the tools to expand your potential and believe in yourself.

If you feel you’re holding yourself back, fear failure, or avoid constructive criticism, then you could suffer from a fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset prevents people from getting what they want in life, because they hold disempowering beliefs, which make them feel incapable of change and growth.

However, a growth mindset enables people to develop new skills and embrace change, because they know that success and intelligence are learnable.

You’ll learn the six roadblocks that prevent people from developing a growth mindset and keep them trapped in fear and self-doubt.

5. Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass by Kara Ronin

Best self-improvement programs for assertiveness skills

Area of Growth: Assertiveness skills

Being assertive can be extremely difficult for many people because they are afraid of what other people will think of them.

If this is you and you never express how you feel, share your opinion, or agree to things you don’t want to do, then this course is essential learning.

To live life on your own terms, you must learn how to be more assertive.

This assertiveness course by Kara Ronin will provide you with the personal skills of being more confident, expressing your opinion and emotions, and deal with that difficult person at work or at home.

People will see you as a leader and someone they can trust. You’ll stop being passive or aggressive and learn to speak in a clear and direct manner about what you want and need.

6. 30 Day Challenge to a More Productive and Much Happier You by Chris Haroun

Best self help courses for productivity

Area of Growth: Productivity

Over 78,000 people have taken this course to achieve more productivity in life and business.

30 Day Challenge to a More Productive and Happier Your is a course by MBA Professor Chris Haroun from Yale University.

This productivity course is designed to significantly increase your productivity, happiness, and success in 30 days, using 30 short exercises.

If you get distracted easily or worry about getting things done, then this course is for you.

7. The M Word by Emily Fletcher

Area of Growth: Meditation and Mindfulness

You know the benefits of meditation but struggle to develop a meditation habit, zone out or fall asleep during your practice.

Banish the idea of meditation being hard and look forward to your daily practice.

The M Word will teach you the skills to become more present and focused each day and achieve more in life.

This course made it on my list of the best Mindvalley courses. Check out that article to see what other courses they offer.

8. Mini Habit Mastery: The Scientific Way To Change Your Habits by Stephen Guise

Area of Growth: Habit change

If you find change difficult, struggle to break bad habits, let feelings of resistance constantly hold you back then you will love this self development course.

Habits are the foundation of anyone’s success. Depending on your predominant habits, will depend on the results you get in life.

Mini Habit Mastery will teach you how to take more action, develop extremely powerful habits easily without willpower, and easily break bad habits you’ve had for years.

You’ll discover how to achieve big goals by taking micro actions each day, by thinking differently about yourself and your personal goals, and expanding what you believe is possible for yourself.

9. Develop Amazing Social Skills & Connect With People by Alain W.

Area of Growth: Social skills

Are you shy or find it difficult to connect with friends, family, or even strangers?

Instead of never knowing what to say or feeling embarrassed, you’ll become more confident and charismatic in social situations.

You’ll learn how to make a powerful first impression, build strong rapport and connections quickly, overcome social anxiety, and stop approval seeking behavior.

This communications skills training is taught by best selling author and award-winning entrepreneur, Alain Wolf and has over 25,000 enrolled students.

10. Be Happier with Positive Psychology by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D.

Area of Growth: Happiness and fulfillment

We all want to be happy, right? And most of us will say that we are on some level.

But what if we find ourselves more stressed, more pessimistic, and less fulfilled than we would like to be?

Can we still say we are happy when times get tough or is true happiness something we look forward to achieving in the future?

This self improvement course on happiness might have the answers you’re seeking.

Be Happier with Positive Psychology by Andrew Luttrell teaches the science of positivity and happiness through powerful techniques you can use daily.

If you want to feel a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment in life, learning these insightful principles can have transformative effects.

Lessons you’ll learn include:

  • How to appreciate yourself and life through the power of gratitude
  • Understanding happiness from a different approach
  • How to build and maintain better connections socially
  • How to simplify your decisions and practice mindfulness
  • And ways to be more authentically true to yourself

This course is on Udemy and comprises 1.5 hours of video content, has a 4.5 star rating and over 20,000 students have enrolled.

11. Law of Attraction and Self Hypnosis Effortless Manifestation

Area of Growth: Manifestation and the subconscious

For those who recognize the power of manifestation and the law of attraction will find this course incredibly valuable.

If you know you have limiting beliefs holding you back, get caught up by stressful emotions and negativity and want to get your life on track, then consider taking this course.

You’ll gain a deep understanding of the law of attraction and how to manifest things correctly.

Raise your awareness of your subconscious mind so that you can attract better health, more money and abundance, and better interpersonal relationships.

By using self hypnosis and neuroscience, you’ll learn how to reprogram your mind, develop high self worth and create a life you truly deserve.


That concludes my list of the best personal development courses.

If you are new to personal development and have struggled to change in the past, then I highly recommend the mindset course.

If you want to increase your self-esteem and confidence, then consider Uncompromised Life.

I’ve included important self-development skills in all areas in this list, including habit formation, social skills and effective communication, productivity, and much more.

I wish you the best of luck in your personal development journey.

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