Uncompromised Life Review by Marisa Peer [Mindvalley Course Review]

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uncompromised life by marisa peer review

This is my full Uncompromised Life review by Marisa Peer.

I’ll share my thoughts on this popular Mindvalley course and help you decide whether it’s the right self-help program for you.

When you’ve finished reading this review, you will have a strong idea of the lessons you’ll learn and how Uncompromised Life will impact your life.

Let’s dive in.

My Verdict: How Uncompromised Life Has Helped Me

Summary: Uncompromised Life is a program designed to help you escape negative thinking caused by false beliefs and a poor self-image. Each lesson is like a personal therapy session, where Marisa explains the workings of the mind and why we fall into sabotaging traps that prevent us from achieving success and constantly feeling stuck.

Before going through this course, my personal struggles included:

  • Constantly feeling bad about myself
  • Feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy
  • Sabotaging my success by procrastinating or wasting time
  • Always feeling that my potential was impossible to reach
  • Low self-esteem and zero confidence in myself
  • Paralyzed by fear and self-doubt

I first came across Marisa Peer a few years ago when I watched a few lessons of the Uncompromised Life program with a friend.

I had been struggling with self-doubt, fear of failure, and general feelings of unworthiness for quite some time, which were affecting my personal life and business in a big way.

The impact of these lessons was transformational. I knew I needed to purchase this course one day and go through the material on my own.

I was broke, so I started learning more about the subconscious mind and how affirmations work.

My shifts in perspective motivated me to start this blog.

After about a year of publishing content on Grand Habit, I received an email from Mindvalley, asking if I would like to work with them! 🤯

This awakened my belief in myself and that I can manifest my dream life.

I had previously written about Uncompromised Life before partnering with Mindvalley, so this review is completely unbiased.

Since gaining access to the Mindvalley membership and revisiting Uncompromised Life, I have noticed dramatic changes in myself.

These include being able to eliminate any doubts and fears that come up, I get more done in less time, and I feel a greater sense of confidence in myself.


  • Lessons are easy to follow and highly engaging
  • You can go at your own pace
  • You understand yourself better and develop confidence on a deep level
  • The hypnosis audios help you slow down and reevaluate your life
  • You will start letting go of old stories about yourself and develop powerful habits used by highly successful people


  • Each video lesson lasts 60-90 minutes, which might be difficult for some people to go through in one session

Learn more about Uncompromised Life here

Uncompromised Life Review

Uncompromised Life is aimed toward people who want to achieve more in life, but feel like there’s something holding them back.

If you’ve had difficulties comparing yourself with others, putting off important tasks, or feeling like a failure, then this program will help you overcome these challenges and so much more.

It’s an 8-week program that teaches you how your mind works and the difference between people who constantly struggle and the most successful people in the world.

And as Marisa has worked with so many successful people, including celebrities, athletes, and royalty; she has developed a system for achieving success.

Each week contains a video lesson and hypnosis audio that will shift your subconscious thinking patterns that keep you stuck.

The hypnosis audios are based on Marisa’s own Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, which she has developed over the course of 30+ years experience as a hypnotherapist.

Marisa’s style of teaching is extremely engaging and memorable.

The way she explains things almost feels hypnotic, like she’s planting important seeds in your mind.

You can sense your perspective shifting as you’re going through each lesson and each week builds onto the next.

What You’ll Learn in This Course

Here are my insights I have taken from the first three lessons of Uncompromised Life.

Lesson 1: It Doesn’t Take a Lifetime to Master Your Mind

Marisa starts out the course by debunking a common misconception or “limiting belief”, which is this:

You don’t need years of therapy to master your mind or to transform your life.

A bold statement for sure, here’s why…

Peer noticed something about her successful clients, like athletes, movie stars, and supermodels, which was that they talk to themselves differently.

She explains that our mind listens to the words we say to ourselves, which helps us know what to avoid in life.

The primary role for our brain is to help keep us safe, so if we are constantly saying negative things to ourselves, it will continue to create resistance around those things.

For example, if we spend a lot of time complaining about our job on the commute to work, it only reinforces us to feel bad about our job.

This is synonymous with the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn, Louise Hay, and Albert Ellis.

Affirmations are powerful.

It makes sense that if our thoughts cause negative emotions, then our self-talk can keep negative thoughts alive.

Peer even goes as far as saying that we can make ourselves sick by the language we say in our heads.

I can vouch for such an idea because of the difference my health turned around once I started using positive affirmations and being kinder to myself.

Lesson 2: You Can Overcome Fear and Doubt by Changing the Images in Your Head

In this lesson, Peer explains that feelings of fear, resistance, self-doubt, and panic come from the pictures we make in our head.

It can be an unconscious process we aren’t fully aware of and happens more often when we do things that are unfamiliar to us.

Peer elaborates with a story about a woman who was panicking whilst boarding a plane. She calmed down her nerves by getting to the route of the issue.

By asking the lady questions, she revealed the cause of her panic was because of feeling like the plane was a coffin and believing she was going to die.

The woman realized the mental images her mind was creating were awful, which would make anyone panic.

Peer guessed that the woman had cleaned her entire house the day before traveling in anticipation of not making it home and her loved ones needing to see her house.

She helped the lady realize her fear of flying was caused by the pictures she had in her mind about what might happen to her.

This makes complete sense if you think about it.

How many people do you know who tidy their house before getting on a plane?

Most people wouldn’t think to act in this way when driving their car, because it is something they do every day.

So, they are not making those mental images of danger, even though, statistically, driving is more dangerous than flying.

Lesson 3: Failure is a Habit and So is Success

If you have failed at something repeatedly, it is only because it is a habit.

It’s not because you’re unworthy of it or incapable.

And our minds love creating habits because it can predict the future and know the future is safe.

This is the reason 98% of diets fail, because losing weight isn’t only about what we eat.

It’s about our eating habits, fitness habits, and moving out of our comfort zone.

In week three, Marisa explains how to move out of our comfort zone by making what’s familiar unfamiliar and what’s unfamiliar familiar.

Think about lottery winners…

When people win the lottery who have never had money before, they almost always lose it all, because it is unfamiliar to them. If they have lived from paycheck to paycheck their whole lives, all they know how to do is spend all the money they have every month.

It’s also likely that they have never saved or invested money before, so it’s not something they naturally do with their lottery winnings.

The same happens with dieters. People who try to lose weight are so unfamiliar with being slim that they almost always put the weight back on.

They don’t commit to the diet long enough to develop the habits of eating healthy and regular exercise.

What I like most about this lesson is that it helps us stop feeling so bad about ourselves.

Often when we try to achieve something and fall off track, we beat ourselves up and say things like “I’m a failure” or “It’s too hard”.

This simply isn’t true.

Instead, if I fall off track with my goals, I say to myself, “This isn’t a habit yet, but I am getting better at achieving my goals every day.”

Who is Marisa Peer?

marisa peer

Marisa Peer is a certified Hypnotherapist and trained with Gil Boyne at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles. She has spent 30+ years studying hypno-healing, advanced hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, and Gestalt theory.

Peer is regularly voted as Britains best therapist and achieving transformational results for her clients and students across the world.

She is well known for being the therapist to the celebrities, athletes and royalty.

Peer noticed early in her career, as a psychotherapist, that the dominant cause of her clients’ problems was a detrimental self-image and feelings of unworthiness.

Whether her clients were struggling with their health, addictive tendencies, or their relationships, it would always boil down to them feeling like they weren’t enough.

She also recognized that most talk therapies required years of ongoing sessions, often revisiting past stories that would hinder recover time.

Peer believed there was an easier way to relief her clients suffering in less time and saving money in the process.

She became a qualified hypnotherapist and started helping people reprogram their subconscious through hypnosis and their own internal dialog.

Marisa has also used her own techniques to rapidly heal herself from a broken arm and reverse her difficulties in having a baby.

She is now a world-renowned speaker and best-selling author.

Peer develop her multi-award-winning Rapid Transformational Therapy® or RTT® to make her proven techniques available to everyone.

RTT® trains thousands of people each year, creating lasting change and transformation worldwide.

What is Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

A big part of the Uncompromised Life program is the hypnosis tracks you get in supplement of the core lessons.

These hypnosis audios are based on Marisa’s own Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, which is at the core of her methods for making rapid transformations in people.

Even though the main lessons can be life-changing on their own, the hypnosis tracks are where you create deep, lasting change.

So, what is Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy exactly?

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy or RTT is an internationally endorsed form of therapy, developed by Peer over her 30+ year career span.

It works by treating the root cause of an issue that exists in the unconscious part of the person’s mind who uses this type of therapy.

Sessions are performed by qualified RRT therapists, who help the person uncover areas in their past that limit them in adulthood.

This less intrusive (and unsettling) approach, compared to traditional talk therapy is RAPID and highly effective, achieving transformational results in as little as one session.

Uncompromised Life Success Stories

Here are just a few testimonials from students of Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer.

“I’ve seen a number of positive changes in my life.”

This was an outstanding course. So well done…with the trainings, broken out hypnosis session and then the separate QA. This format really gave me time to integrate each practical exercise. It was thoughtful and intentional and really provided an excellent experience.

Christy S. – United States

“After the course I started my own business my relationships are better and I enjoy life so much more!!”

Before the Uncompromised Life course, with Marisa, I was quite insecure, and anxious about life and daily situations. I learned so much from Marissa. I learned to accept myself and self love. I learned how to manage in different situations and I feel confident. After the course I started my own business, my relationships are better and I enjoy life so much more!! I am so grateful to Marissa!! She is absolutely amazing!!!

Marju J. (Self employed) – Sydney, Australia

“Such a great restful, passive way to learn and grow”

I have loved this course. We are midstream in the Pandemic lockdown and I have found it supremely helpful in staying centered, balanced, hopeful and growing. I enjoy laying on the ground to allow Marissa to hypnotize me. Such a great restful, passive way to learn and grow. I adore it. I am isolated and alone, and occasionally get depressed or anxious about not working and facing the challenges of marches and overstimulation from the noise of it. I do love that change will happen. It is ever so slow and creates anxiety there. But it is good to see it in action. Thank you so much for this work.

Pamela M. (PhD, DHM, LAc, DipOM) – Santa Monica, United States

These are just 3 of more then 16,000 success stories by Mindvalley course students

Video: What Students are Saying About the Uncompromised Life Course

Pricing: How Much is Uncompromised Life?

You can get Uncompromised Life when you join the Mindvalley membership, which is priced at $99 per month or save over $2000 when you pay annually.

When you become a member, you get access to Uncompromised Life and over 50 other Mindvalley quests.

The membership is the best value for the money because you can take as many courses as you like for an entire year and there is no obligation to renew your yearly membership.

Learn the tools and life skills you should have been taught in school!

Read Next: My full comprehensive Mindvalley Review.

Refund Policy

You get a 15-day money-back guarantee on your first subscription, whether it’s the annual or monthly membership. You can request a refund at mindvalley.com/refund.

Get Free Access Here

For a limited time, you can get access to Uncompromised Life and the Mindvalley Membership completely free for 7 days!


That concludes my Uncompromised Life review by Marisa Peer.

The lessons covered in this course are simple, yet potentially transformational. I have personally developed myself 10 fold after going through this course.

Uncompromised Life Review by Marisa Peer [Mindvalley Course Review]
uncompromised life by marisa peer review

Summary: Uncompromised Life is a program designed to help you escape negative thinking caused by false beliefs and a poor self-image. Each lesson is like a personal therapy session, where Marisa explains the workings of the mind and why we fall into sabotaging traps that prevent us from achieving success and constantly feeling stuck.

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