How to Write Your Personal Mission Statement [With an Example]

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Below is my personal mission statement.

But before I share it with you, let’s first define what a personal mission statement is.

Typically a mission statement is what a company defines to express their core values and state what they do and why.

So a personal mission statement is that of an individual. If you’re an entrepreneur or even just someone with a lot of ambition then I highly recommend writing your own personal mission statement.

I believe it helps to remind you of why you started anything in the first place. It gives you a place to start from and also helps you think bigger than you are in your current state.

There’s also a vision statement, which many companies use interchangebly with mission statements, although many marketing experts recommend having both.

In the case of writing yours for personal reasons, it really doesn’t matter. You could have both but having both rolled into one is perfectly fine.

The difference defined by your mission is how you aspire to live your life today and a vision being how you aspire to live your life in the future. Another explanation for your vision is how would you like to envision your future? How will the impact of your mission (life today) affect your vision (life tomorrow?)

And if your vision of the future is only achievable my living your mission today then you’re more empowered to live a life in what you truly believe in.

My Personal Mission Statement

“To live a life of prosperity and gratitude, love my work, build everlasting relationships and help others do the same.”

So I was able to come up with my own personal mission statement by answering these questions which I found here:

  1. What is important?
  2. Where do I want to go?
  3. What does “the best” look like for me?
  4. How do I want to act?
  5. What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind?

Here’s how I answered each of these questions which goes into much more detail than my finalised mission statement.

What is important?

  1. Freedom, (by doing my own thing, making my own money and seeing the world.)
  2. Healthy self-worth, (by eliminating self-doubt, loving the person I’ve become and praising my work.)
  3. Loving life fully, (spending time with those close to me, giving back to the world, growing spiritually and mentally and being grateful for everything I have.)

Where do I want to go?

I want to live my ideal lifestyle of helping people grow their businesses and develop mental strength for self-love, abundance, and prosperity.

What does “the best” look like for me?

My best lifestyle is living in a beautiful home, growing a business that I love, traveling the world and being financially stable to help family and inspire the world.

How do I want to act?

I want to act like every day is a blessing and take continuous action to achieve my best life.

What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind?

My legacy is to leave behind something comparable to the likes of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Bill Gates. My legacy is bold and scary, I haven’t a clue what it’ll actually look like or how I’ll get there but I believe in thinking big and starting small. It inspires and motivates me to live up to my dream life.

What does your mission statement look like and what sort of legacy do you want to leave behind?

It doesn’t have to be as crazy as mine. Something that inspires a marginally better future than your recent past is perfectly fine.

Whatever you come up with isn’t set in stone. In fact, your personal mission statement should develop as you grow as a person.

For example: Let’s say one day, you find yourself living your vision… That means you have surpassed your mission statement and now living your dream future. The only problem with that is now you don’t have anything to go by as a standard for your future. You’ll stop growing.

So it’s important to update your mission statement on a regular basis that reflects growth, inspires you today and motivates you for years to come.

Good luck!

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