Manifestation Meditations: Develop Peace, Manifest Faster & Align with Your Highest Potential

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You want to combine meditation with manifestation…

But how do you do it properly so you can get the life you want faster?

Well, in this post, I’ll share everything you need to know about manifestation meditations so you can do just that.

When you know how to meditate more effectively for creating a better life, you will start to notice everything falling into place with less effort.

Let’s dive right in.

How Meditation Can Help You Manifest Faster

Meditation is an excellent tool for calming the mind, raising your awareness, and taking control of your emotions.

This is why meditation can help you manifest your dream life a lot faster.

When you first learn about manifestation and the law of attraction, you soon realise it’s easy to attract things you don’t want in life.

Like staying poor when you struggle to attract money easily.

Or not receiving love when you worry about being rejected.

It’s these feelings that keep us stuck because we’re focusing on what could potentially go wrong, instead of acting as if the goal is already fulfilled.

But this shouldn’t get us down when this happens…

The only reason we allow ourselves to get into these negative states is because we’ve spent years suppressing the emotions that make us feel bad, which blocks our awareness of them.

It also blocks the thoughts and interpretations that create the emotions.

When you use meditation on a regular basis, you start becoming aware of the thoughts that make you feel bad. You also recognise when you’re experiencing negative emotions more often, and so giving you the oportunity to shift your attention.

If you’ve been struggling to attract the things you want in life, then you realize the same thoughts, feelings, and behaviors repeat over and over again.

This loop keeps us trapped because it’s a habit we’ve developed over many years. This is just the nature of our brain trying to keep us safe and prevent us from moving outside our comfort zone.

But when you’re aware of the nature of your mind, you notice yourself getting into negative energy sooner and you can develop the habit of focusing on positive outcomes instead.

Medititation also helps you develop the ability to visualise positive outcomes, so when you get into stress, you can shift into positive energy and more inner peace.

How to Use Meditation for Manifestation

The easiest way to start a manifestation meditation practice is to set the intention that you’ll commit to it long term.

It’s one thing to meditate a few times, but it won’t have a profound affect until you make it a habit.

Now, this shouldn’t put you off and cause you to feel overwhelmed. I recommend trying it for 21 days and seeing how you feel.

If you haven’t noticed a change in yourself then meditation might not be for you, but meditation does work and the evidence is irrefutable.

So go into it with the expectation that it will have a impact on you and it will.

But how exactly do you go about meditating for manifestation?

You can do it using a guided meditation (see below), focusing on your breath, or even taking up yoga.

The most important thing is that you build the habit to be in the present moment. This is a process that involves reprograming your mind so that you naturally focus on your dream life.

When we have big goals or a grandiose vision, it’s easy to get frustrated when we aren’t living that reality today.

But to master the the law of attraction, you have to remember to feel gratitude even before experiencing your deepest desires.

This five step process will help your manifestation meditation work successfully:

  1. Choose a time to meditate and stick to it everyday for 21 days
  2. Get into the present moment by focusing on your body and taking a few deep breaths
  3. Use a guided meditation or breathing exercise for 10 to 20 minutes
  4. Visualize the positive outcomes you want to achieve
  5. Imagine this reality already exists and feel a sense of gratitude for it

Your Subconscious Mind Holds All the Power

There’s a common theme among the best personal development books.

On some level, they recognise how powerful the subconscious mind is and for us to get what we want in life, we have to learn how to use it correctly.

But, why is the subconscious mind so important?

The reason is simple – Wherever we are in life is the sum of the decisions we have made and 95% of our decisions are coming from our subconscious.

This is why it’s so important to reprogram your subconscious mind because most of us have been brought up with limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, and to focus on what we don’t have.

Then we try to achieve our goals with our conscious mind. We can say consciously how much we want something, but if we have thousands of other thoughts in our subconscious that contradict our conscious thoughts, the subconscious mind will win everytime.

That is why things like meditation and visualization work, because when you imagine your desired reality alongside hightened emotions everyday, it impresses those images into your subconscious, making you feel as though it already exists – Which then produces more thoughts and beliefs subconsciously.

Visualization Techniques for Optimal Performance

Some people find it hard to visualize, but it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

It’s also common to think that visualization is hard because it’s something you do all the time, you don’t even realise it.

Either way, you can strengthen your visualizing abilities with a simple exercise.

Just follow these steps to help you see your dream life in your mind:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine you’re sat in a movie theatre.
  2. Look at the screen and picture yourself living your dream life. Imaging what you would look like, your expression, the clothes you’d be wearing, and the people you’d be with.
  3. Try to activate your senses. Intensify the colors, smells, and what things would feel like if you could touch them. What would you hear?
  4. Then replay this scene over and over again as if you were living that life right now.
  5. Bring up a sense of gratitude or other emotions you would feel as if it was already happening.

The more you practise this exercise, the easier it will beome and the more “real” it will seem.

Meditation VS Hypnosis

There’s a big difference between meditation and hypnosis but it isn’t common knowledge.

In simple terms, meditation is best used to develop a calmer mind with less thoughts throughout the day so you’re more present. Hypnosis is more specifically how we can reprogram our mind.

When we talk about meditation in the context of reprogramming our subconscious, we’re really talking about hypnosis.

That’s because hypnosis is just that – planting suggestions and ideas that the subconscious can act from when the suggestion or idea is triggered.

Let’s use money as an example.

Imagine you have a compulsion to spend money on things you don’t need whenever you feel low or unworthy. The low feeling or unworthiness is the trigger which causes a feeling that compells you to spend money.

Even though you know you can’t afford it, it is just a habit you have formed because you learned that it relieved the feeling of unworthiness.

This is a behavior coming from your subconscious which is the same place the trigger comes from. To change it, you have to become conscious of the trigger by recognising the feeling that drives you to overspend.

Once you recognise the trigger, you can then change the behavior. It will feel quite uncomfortable at first because you won’t receive the reward you usually get after spending money.

That’s where meditation or hypnosis can be used to reprogram the feeling of unworthiness.

If whenever you feel the urge to overspend, you use a self hypnosis technique to feel more lovable and worthy, you will eventually start to feel that way instead of feeling the compulsion spend.

You see, if we fix the cause of overspending, we fix the behavior.

This reveals a profound benefit of both meditation and hypnosis. When we’ve been doing habit for so long, we become desensitized to the cause.

The urge arises and we instantly feel the desire to receive the reward without knowing why.

And meditation can help you become aware of it.

So, you can use meditation to uncover the cause and then use hypnosis to reprogram it that will better serve you.

3 Guided Manifestation Meditations to Manfest Your Dream Life

Here are two guided meditations you can use for manifestation. I recommend them as a morning meditation because it ensures you get it done and you’ll start the day on the right foot.

Magical Manifestation Meditation – This is a free guided medtation I found on They also have an app where you can find many other meditations.

10 Minute Manifestation Meditation – Here is another free meditation I found on YouTube and it only lasts about 10 minutes.


That concludes this artcle on how to use manifestation meditations.

When you become aware of your thoughts and how they drive your life, you can better impress your subconscious with hypnosis and meditation.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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