14 Questions to Get to Know Yourself Better

If you’re anything like me, you think you know yourself pretty well.

Yet you’re constantly learning more about yourself everyday.

If only it was as easy as hooking our brains up to a computer and downloading all the answers to figure our lives out faster.

Yes, we can read books, take online courses, get advise from our friends and even seek therapy.

But, we can often discover a lot of lifes mysteries by learning more about who we are by simply asking ourselves different questions.

And in today’s quick post, I’m gonna share 14 questions you can ask yourself to get to know who you are and help you figure out what you want in life.

14 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves for Personal Growth

  1. What are my biggest goals in live?
  2. What do I find most challenging?
  3. What comes to easily that others find difficult?
  4. What do I want people know me as?
  5. Do I need people to like me to feel complete?
  6. What are my core beliefs?
  7. What are my limiting beliefs?
  8. What do I really love about myself?
  9. Do I even love myself at all?
  10. Why don’t I love myself?
  11. What do I dislike about myself?
  12. Why are there things I dislike about myself?
  13. What are my values?
  14. What bad habits do I possess?

And here’s some more questions you should ask yourself that could be life-changing, check out the video below:

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