9 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Reality

In this quick reference guide I’m going to be compiling the step by step process for manifesting your dream reality.

I’ll be updating this post from time to time to refine it as and when I discover new and inproved ways to manifest what you truely desire.

First off here’s a Ted talk which closely relates to my own story, it’s actually quite spooky how similar our lives once were and how we both ended up finding transformation through understanding the basics of quantum physics.

How to use Quantum Physics to Make Your Dreams Your Reality by Suzanne Adams

TedX talk by Suzanne Adams telling her story

Here are the steps Suzanne suggests you take to start manifesting your dream life:

  1. Turn up your frequency
  2. Set an intention to align with the energy with love
  3. Shift your energy to what you desire
  4. Surround yourself with energy that elevates you
  5. Stand strong for what is not an option for you

The steps I share below are my own in the process of manifesting what you want. This is the process I have developed through hours of research, reading books, articles, from online videos and from my own experiences.

Just a note that I wrote my own process before ever discovering Suzanne Adams or seeing the video above, yet you’ll notce that some of the steps she shares are very similar to that of my own. I don’t think this is a coincidence, but more evidence that shows there’s a lot of science involved in the process of manifesting your hopes and dreams.

My 9 Step Process to Manifest Your Dream Reality

There are two very important steps to take before taking any of the main steps below. These will help prevent resistence and self-sabotage.

First, you should become aware of any limiting beliefs. You can discover these by taking this online test.

Next you’ll need to reprogram your subconscious mind to replace old disempowering beliefs with new empowering beliefs. You can do this by searching for affirmations on YouTube.

The affirmations you listen to will depend on the limiting beliefs you discovered in the above test you did.

Here’s an affirmations audio that I personally listened to every day for a few weeks and still go back to it on a regular basis.

And here is my 9 step process for manifesting your dream reality. More updates coming soon.

  1. Raise your vibration
  2. Know What You Want
  3. Ask and Feel
  4. Know the Benefits
  5. Believe in Yourself and the Process
  6. Let Go of the Past
  7. Feel as Though It’s Already Your Reality
  8. Practice Gratitude
  9. Set a Plan of Action

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