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Best Nootropic Supplements for Every Occasion

Living in the modern world, our days are getting more hectic by the second.

Bars are set higher, expectations are bigger, and the pace is exceptionally faster.

In order to keep up, lots of people are looking for ways to enhance their performance, a boost to up their game.

This is where nootropics come in delivering that extra push, and I’m here to guide you through it all; the good, the bad, along with the top products available on the market.

What are nootropics?

The word “Nootropic” is derived from the Greek origin “Noos tropos” meaning “Mind turn”.

Hence, nootropics are substances or drugs that positively affect the brain.

They enhance mental functions such as concentration, memory, learning or some sort of cognitive ability.

In the past, they were actually intended to treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, but nowadays healthy individuals use them to overall improve their productivity.

This is why they are referred to as “smart drugs”.

What can nootropics do for you?

I’ve already mentioned nootropics can promote your mental abilities, but what exactly does this mean?

Well, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using such supplements.

Cognitive comeback

In the midst of our daily frantic, all the pressure can cause our minds to drop the ball and simply fail us.

Nootropic supplements help it maintain its sharp performance and bounce back when it gets overwhelming.


Do you ever struggle to get out of bed,  go to work or the gym? We’ve all been there and nootropics can give you the extra push you need to achieve your goals.


Another aspect nootropics can aid with, is balancing out your mood. It can uplift your general attitude for optimum mental action.


You can actually feel more energized using these supplements, which, in return, helps you do more.


It’s rather common for people to lose focus now more than ever, so of course we want something to keep us attentive. Nootropics are great in this regard.


Our time is precious and sticking to tasks and executing them perfectly on a tight schedule is a valuable skill. Nootropics can really enhance it by boosting your processing capacity.


Better mental health translates into easily learning and gaining information.

Best 5 Nootropic Products

Himalaya Organic Bacopa Monnieri Supplement Caplet

Himalaya Organic Bacopa Monnieri/Brahmi, Brain Supplement, Nootropic & Brain Booster for Enhanced Mental Focus + Memory + Clarity, 60 Caplets, 750mg, 2 Month Supply

If you’re looking to increase your mental alertness and cognitive abilities using Bacopa Monnieri, then the Himalaya Organic Bacopa could be right up your street.

It supports memory, learning, and multitasking skills.

It’s USDA Certified Organic, NON-GMO verified with no animal originated ingredients.

It’s also gluten-free, additive-free, and has no corn, wheat or dairy. It’s all natural organic Bacopa whole plant powder and extract, not just crushed Bacopa.

Himalaya’s manufacturing facility is cGMP certified and the product is heavily tested for purity, strength, and safety.

Dose: 1 capsule per day (750 mg)

What I like:

  • High quality
  • Safety certifications

What I don’t like:

  • Can include more caplets
  • Customers complaints about shipping conditions

Real Mushrooms Organic Lion’s Mane Capsules

Handpicked to provide the best possible extract, Real Mushrooms deliver pure Lion’s Mane powder made from 100% mushrooms only.

It’s extracted using hot water to keep the useful nutrients while strictly avoiding any addition of starch, mycelium, grains, or any other type of fillers, so you’re guaranteed full cognitive potency.

Being quite soluble in water, you can mix it in your coffee, tea, protein shakes, and smoothies to enjoy the extra boost. It’s also tested to be made Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Dairy, and Nut-free. So yeah, pretty reliable!

Moreover, Real Mushrooms offer a no-hassle refund if you’re displeased with their product.

Dose: 2 capsules per day (1000 mg)

What I like:

  • Quality and safety certifications
  • Size options
  • No additives

What I don’t like:

  • No dual extraction method

New Chapter Rhodiola Force 300mg Capsules

Promoting mental health, mood balance, and stress relief, New Chapter brings out its Rhodiola Rosea root extract at 300mg per capsule.

It’s Non-GMO verified, 100% vegetarian, Soy-free, Gluten-free as well as Dairy-free. It has no artificial colors or flavors, no synthetic fillers, and is GMP and FDA compliant.

All to ensure the peace of your mind.

Dose: 1 capsule per day (300 mg), 30 minutes before breakfast

What I like:

  • High concentration
  • Safety certifications

What I don’t like:

  • Small size
  • Shipping damage complaints

Doctor’s Best Extra Strength Ginkgo Capsules

Ginkgo Biloba is already widely used for its brain circulation support, memory and mood enhancement.

So when a brand like Doctor’s Best works with it, you know you’re getting a quality product.

The premium standardized extract is guaranteed by the ProfileProven Quality Assurance system, which means it was extensively tested to assure it’s purity and effectiveness.

It’s non-GMO, Gluten-free, Soy-free, and entirely vegan. It’s clinically researched and has been 3rd party tested.

Dose: 1 capsule once or twice per day

What I like:

  • Clinically researched and heavily tested
  • Good size

What I don’t like:

●       Can be harsh on the stomach

NOW Sunflower Lecithin Softgels

Next up, the extremely popular source of Choline, NOW Sunflower Lecithin. This supplement promises strong nervous system support, memory improvement, and focus stimulation.

The family-owned company offers softgels with 1200 mg in a single capsule. The bottle itself contains a hefty 200 capsule count.

This brand states its close adherence to the current FDA Good Manufacturing regulations (GMP) which ensures complete sanitation along with competent processing to give us a consistent product.

Dose: 2 softgels per day with food

What I like:

  • Well-established brand
  • GMP certified
  • 200 capsules per bottle

What I don’t like:

  • Confusing serving instructions
  • Pills can be hard to swallow

Who should take nootropics?

Basically, anyone can benefit from nootropic supplements if they want to use them. However, I’ll discuss the major demographics of people who can benefit from using nootropics.


Generally speaking, adults of age starting from 55 years and older are advised to continuously take supplements to fight off symptoms of cognitive aging, such as memory and processing decline.


It’s no secret that the world of sports is loaded with competition left and right. It’s one of the main reasons many athletes turn to nootropics to go the extra mile.

Mental sharpness is key to mastering flawless consistent performance, and athletes already know that. Therefore, taking said nootropic supplements helps them keep a strong, motivated, and focused mindset.


An obvious category of people who use nootropics are students, for relatively valid reasons at that.

They regularly deal with sleep deprivation and academic pressure. Handling tests, quizzes, papers, social obligations, hobbies, and the list goes on.

Instead of the usual stimulants like caffeine, or harmful pills like Adderall that can even cause addiction, natural nootropic supplements offer a much safer alternative to support their cognition needs.

How to choose the best nootropic?

You shouldn’t just blindly purchase a particular nootropic based on a friend’s recommendation, an advert or even this article.

In order to pick the most suitable nootropics for yourself, you ought to consider a few points.

  1. First and foremost, you have to identify the reason you’re taking a nootropic, what you hope to receive. Do you seem to be forgetting more than usual? Do you lose focus often? Try and pinpoint the root of your problem.
  2. Research and lockdown the nootropic best fitting your motive. Make sure your findings are scientifically backed up. Websites like the National Institutes of Health and Pubmed are awesome places to start.
  3. Pick a high-quality product containing your desired nootropic. This includes well-known manufacturers or brands with reliable sources and services.
  4. Take utter care of the recommended dosage. You don’t want to overdo it or come short, you need it to hit the sweet spot of bioavailability to actually show benefits.

6 Powerful Nootropics Existing in Nature

Alright, here’s the deal…

You can probably find tons of synthetic nootropics out there engineered to replace their naturally occurring correspondents.

But lots of people, myself included, prefer their supplements exactly like that, natural. So let me introduce you to some of the best nootropics earth has to offer.

Bacopa Monnieri

A perennial creeping herb native to the wetlands of southern and Eastern India, Australia, Asia, and South and North America, Bacopa Monnieri is used in Ayurvedic traditional medicine to improve memory.

Various modern studies show that it, in fact, enhances cognition, reduces oxidative damage, as well as mood and anxiety.

The good:

  • Improves memory
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Uplifts the mood

The bad:

●       Reports of gastrointestinal upset

Lion’s Mane

An edible globe-shaped mushroom, native to Asian, North America, and Europe, lion’s mane has been long used in ancient Chinese medicine to treat a number of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Recent studies show the mushroom to possess a number of neuroprotective, neurodegenerative, anti-tumor, and antioxidant agents.

It also increases the amount of (NFG) Nerve Growth Factor which substantially encourages neural growth, increasing concentration and reducing depression.

The good:

  • Better brain function
  • Enhances memory
  • Promotes NGF
  • Decreases depression and anxiety

The bad:

  • It’s a species of mushroom, so allergic reactions are to be checked

Ginkgo Biloba

You’ve probably heard of this widely popular herbal supplement derived from the Ginkgo Biloba tree and most likely to even know someone who uses it.

It’s believed to increase the blood flow into the brain, thus improving cognitive functions like memory and focus.

Numerous studies have been done to prove the role of ginkgo biloba in improving processing, thinking and recalling skills in older folks. It can also alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

The good:

  • Enhances memory
  • Better cognitive skills
  • Decreases anxiety

The bad:

  • Gastrointestinal upset

Rhodiola Rosea

This one is a perennial flowering plant, growing natively in Arctic European regions, Asia, and North America.

As it’s typically found in cold areas, Rhodiola Rosea was traditionally used to cope with harsh climate and stressful conditions by reducing stress and depression. Studies actually started supporting such claims.

More recently, it was studied for its effects in improving fatigue and dealing with sore muscles and sleepiness.

It was also found to noticeably increase the mental capacity of subjects taking it vs those who aren’t.

The good:

  • Restores energy
  • Fights fatigue
  • Decreases stress
  • Better cognition

The bad:

  • May lower blood sugar levels


Believe it or not, choline was only classified as an essential nutrient in 1998 by the Institute of Medicine, despite its vital role in the making of acetylcholine, a very important neurotransmitter involved in cognitive functions such as learning, concentration, and memory.

Choline is required for healthy nerve function from a fetal stage of life. It’s needed in DNA synthesis and regulates mood as well as intelligence.

The good:

  • Boosts memory and brain function
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improve learning and focus

The bad:

  • Overdosing may cause sweating, fishy body odor, and drops in blood pressure.


An amino acid that was discovered in green tea leaves and isolated from the Japanese shaded Gyokuro, L-Theanine reduces stress and anxiety making you more relaxed, as per studies. The “L” part just represents the enantiomer our bodies actually absorb.

The true highlight of its effects shines through when combined with caffeine. Together, they induce faster reaction time and memory work.

The good:

  • Relieves stress
  • Enhances mental alertness
  • Faster reaction time

The bad:

  • When combined with caffeine, L-theanine may further increase blood pressure

Are Nootropics safe?

Yes, nootropics are safe by definition.

However, the power of controlling the matter lies ultimately in your hands.

If you choose a product having top-quality ingredients, carefully designed formulas with safety certificates, and you stick to the proper dosing regulation, then, by all means, it should be totally harmless.

Wrap Up

By now, we’ve pretty much established that every person’s requirements is different from the next. What works for me won’t necessarily have the same benefits for you.

It’s important to try different nootropics based on your own research and dudiligance.

That being said, my personal favorites which I’ve been taking for many years now are L-Theanine, Lions Maine and a natural source of Choline, I do feel this combination for me does wonders for my old foggy brain.

Himalaya Organic Bacopa Monnieri/Brahmi, Brain Supplement, Nootropic & Brain Booster for Enhanced Mental Focus + Memory + Clarity, 60 Caplets, 750mg, 2 Month Supply

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